The Lockdown Diaries

Well, this is not a section I ever imagined I would create on my website. But, the year is 2020 and the world is on pause because of a deadly virus. Unimaginable, but it's true. Lockdown started in March and we all spent the next 6 weeks at home with one daily exercise. Lockdown measures are easing tentatively but we have no idea when the world will return to normal, or if indeed it will!

I started by taking lots of photographs of my own children, aged 5 and 3, and who actually love lockdown. Most of the time. But I had an itch that needed to be scratched to document what Lockdown looked like for other people and so I started my Doorstep Photography Project, whilst taking my daily exercise in my local area. 

It's been wonderful to see my community pulling together and supporting each other, seeing the happy smiling faces, and the love shared between these families. All from a safe distance of course! It's given me hope for my little business during a time when all other work was cancelled, and I'm unsure when I'll be able to work like that again. 

It's an extraordinary time filled with difficulty, uncertainty and sadness for many. But these are the photographs our kids will show their kids in years to come when they are learning at school about the Coronavirus that brought the world to its knees.

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