Newborn Shoot - What to expect

First things first, CONGRATULATIONS on your new or impending arrival! 

I have been there twice and I remember those hazy, sleep deprived newborn days like they were yesterday! 

IDEALLY you'd have your newborn shoot within the first 4 weeks, however I know those early days pass in a blur and you might not feel ready for it by then, so if that's the case I'd suggest waiting until after baby is 12 weeks old. This is because your baby will be able to hold their own head at this point and we should be able to get lots of lovely smiles too.

What you can expect from me as your newborn photographer is lots of joyful and expressive photos of you snuggling your baby.  I'll take lots of photos of your baby's tiny little features too. However you won't find me manipulating the baby into unusual poses or wrapping them tightly in blankets - it's just not my style.

I tend to do my newborn shoots in your own home so that we can work at a pace that suits you and your baby - they are the priority here! So here's a bit on what you can expect.


I personally find the mornings best - in my experience babies are more settled and the light is better. however - I will talk to you about what suits you best.

I normally allocate 90 minutes for a newborn shoot. However, I never plan anything directly afterwards, and won't be rushing to do the school run. If they need feeding, changing, winding or just a good old cuddle then that's fine by me - please don't rush your baby!

Typical session flow

I usually start with the full family pictures and will then move on to some individual ones of you cuddling your baby. I usually finish with some of the baby on his/her own. Everything I do is what I'd call a 'natural pose' and not something I'd need special training to do in order not to harm your little one.

Your home

Usually I'd suggest making use of your living room and your bedroom, and perhaps the babies cot if it's up - but I'll have a look at your house and make suggestions according to where I think the light is best. Please don't get stressed about having your house pristine for me - there is no judgment (you haven't seen my place!) I might suggest moving things if I spot them in the photo but again, it's not because of any judgment, it's about getting you the best possible pictures. If it's a warm day, we can certainly make use of any outdoors space.

Sibling love

Yes please get the older siblings involved. I love to make the sessions feel fun for them too and to get them involved in laying with your littlest addition to the family, or holding them if it's safe to do so. (P.S Pets counts as older siblings too and I'm completely happy to get them involved)

Your Baby

In my experience, some will be asleep for the whole session and others will be wide awake. It doesn't matter to me, as long as they are happy and content. Feel free to have a couple of outfit changes if you wish, and we may strip him/her down if you're happy for me to do so.

After the session

I will go home and make sure all your images are saved securely. I then beautifully edit each and every one of your photographs to provide you with a gallery to choose from. This usually takes around 5-7 days. Your gallery link is live for 5 days and you can make your selection. I will of course guide you through the process and make suggestions for prints or wall displays.

I hope this helps - if you have any questions, or would like to go ahead and book then please get in touch here.

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