Time for the May instalment of my 2019 365 project. I've settled into taking pictures every day and more often than not, I'm struggling to choose which one to post as my picture of the day!

May was an exceptionally busy month for me, but in a really good way! It's been super productive and I've spent lots of time with the family too. Hubs and I even managed to sneak a child free night away in the Yorkshire Dales (we had the dog with us, but still!)

My favourite picture from the month has to be this one......I had a go at dog treat catching pictures, that I'd seen on a viral facebook post with Lottie, who unsurprisingly LOVES this particular photo project! It didn't work out EXACTLY as I'd envisaged, turns out it's really hard to focus on a fast moving, treat obsessed Labrador - but I am glad I managed to focus on those eyes. Beautiful, daft hound.

My daughter turned 3 this month, so that's that - I'll never have a 2 year old again. She's somewhat challenging at bedtimes, but other than that, she is everything I ever hoped for in a little girl - adventurous, funny and kind.

We travelled around a bit this month, making the most of the double bank holiday situation with trips to Scarborough and the Yorkshire Dales.....and we took some nice day trips out - you can tell the weather is getting a little warmer! I love the sunshine and spend all the time I can soaking up that lovely Vitamin D!

I ALMOST didn't take my camera on a day trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, but I'm glad I did, as I would not have caught this shot of this beautiful beast yawning on my camera phone. I was balanced up as high as I could get (back of a bench)with my zoom lens - everything I'd tell my kids not to do, basically! Worth it though!

I kept the wheels turning in the day job and even took a couple of photos from those days (yes, even the horses - I was working from home that day!)

I enjoyed getting some close ups of pretty spring flowers:

I did some cool photoshoots, including a first birthday party in the Sikh temple, where I was made to feel very welcome and loved photographing all the colourful dresses and joyful people. I also photographed my friend Kate with her daughters - the eldest of which has Leukaemia, and is thankfully responding amazingly well to her treatment, but has to continue chemotherapy until August 2020. A humbling experience, an absolute honour to photograph this brave, wonderful mummy with her girls, and a reminder that the days I THINK are tough, really are not tough at all!

And here's the rest of my May pics that I can't really seem to categorise! I ran the Leeds half marathon, I went to my first Yorksinstameet, which is a networking event for creatives - and I hung out with my kids, who are both developing so fast. Both of them are now whizzing everywhere on their scooters, which is great news as it means I might be finally able to ditch the pram....but also makes me wonder how on earth I'm going to carry all their stuff without one!

It was a great month, more of those please! :)

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