My 365 project: February

I'm getting into the swing of things now with my #365photoproject and taking a photo (or several) every day is starting to come really naturally to me.

I worried when I started this, that I would have nothing to take photos of on the days when I was in the office at my corporate job, particularly through winter when it's dark when I arrive and dark when I leave.

I couldn't take the same photo of the same view out of my office every day, could I? Far too boring. And no offence to my colleagues or my office (it's actually really lovely in there) but my desk just isn't what I want to take photos of. Anyway, I needn't have worried too much as this is February's selection of the pics I took whilst at work.

I revelled in the morning sunrise, the evening sunset, and the fact the days felt like they were getting slightly longer! I'm fairly sure I get a touch of that SAD #seasonalaffectivedisorder so the more I can be outside in the fresh air, the better for me.

The weather was changeable to say the least, from a hard frost on Feb 1st (look out for the frozen spiderweb below) to the hottest February on record during the last week and all of us spending an entire Sunday outdoors. Cue lots of #feelslikespring photos! I'm a sucker for a blue sky, a wintry tree and a flower it seems.

What else did I do? Walked the dog a lot it seems. Well, no more than usual, but she made several appearances in my 365 album. As you can see, she's a fan of rather large sticks!

Obviously, the kids make a fair few amount of appearances, I spent a bit of time with my Mum....and hubs and I went out CHILD FREE for a super yummy Sunday lunch at Matt Healy's The Foundry in Leeds. We may have spent the rest of the afternoon in the pub, just like life pre kids!

Last but certainly NOT least I treated myself to a Canon 6d using some of last years profit and this months professional photography included Liz & Matt's pre wedding shoot at Bowcliffe Hall and a styled shoot at the Giraffe Shed in Wales, organised by the Wild One's Photography Group (separate blog post to come on that, later!) A fabulous way to finish my February!

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