My 365 project: January

Since I LOVE taking photos so much I decided to have a little fun with a personal photography project this year. The basic premise is 'a picture per day.' It turns out this is easier said than done, some days I take 100's of photos and some days I take, well none.

It would be very easy and perhaps a little tedious if I just took a picture of my kids each day, so whilst they will feature fairly heavily as it's great to look back and see how much they have changed, it's not just about the kids.

The rules are: The picture has to be taken by me, and it's what I've seen or done that day. No selfies allowed. ( did sneak in on the 24th of January) but I'd had a bit of wine as I was out out for my boss's 40th and had literally taken no other pictures that day! It won't happen again, honest 'guv!)

Oh and it's a complete mix of pics taken with the "proper camera" and pics snapped on my phone. It still makes me laugh that my kids are growing up in a world where it's totally normal to use a phone for anything but actually phoning people! But hey, I wouldn't be without the instant ability to snap a pic either!

Anyway, here's an insight into my January! It's a fairly accurate reflection of what I enjoy taking pictures of - my kids, my dog, amazing skies, and bits n bobs I see when I'm walking around. I'm very much a 'see it and snap it' kind of girl, rather than waiting hours for the right moment.

The weather was fairly mild so we were able to spend plenty of time outdoors (hurrah!), we spent a fair bit of time in parks, my darling Mum turned 74 (definitely doesn't look it), I photographed my 2nd Christening and I had a girly weekend in beautiful, but very VERY cold Northumberland - brrrrrrr!

I learned that the iPhone camera is no match for my canon when it comes to trying to capture a fast moving toddler. Good news for me, since people keep nodding and smiling and saying they can get just as good a pic on their phone. You can't! :) That said, the best camera is the one you have on you, and I will continue to happily use my iPhone for the day to day stuff.

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