My 365 project: March

How are we through March already and well into April? Somehow we are and here is what March was like for me - snuggly babies, a bit of architecture, my training plan for the Leeds half marathon got well underway (hence all the pics of the dog out and about - she's an awesome training partner!|) and I unwound with a lovely, LOVELY spa break at Coniston Hall with one of my besties, Edwina.

I continued trying to appreciate the small, lovely moments with my kids (because there are also many MANY challenging ones!) and I also appreciated the spring flowers and sunsets an awful lot!

For some reason I spent much of March under the weather with a grotty cold, but still spent lots of time outdoors (there simply are no duvet days when you're a parent!)

Lottie encouraged me to try something new, by getting so close to me I could only photograph half her face - I like it, what do you think?

I sold my first ever landscape photo (the rainbow one!) as a canvas to go on someone's wall in their actual home and I spent lots of time practising documentary style photography on my own kids in the garden. We rounded March off with a family holiday up to the Lake District (Lottie was delighted to get her paws into Buttermere!) and I broke my own 'no selfie' rule on Mother's Day because why not? (And this was genuinely the favourite pic I took that day!) Those live pics on iPhone sometimes capture things that I wasn't planning to be in the selfie - this was me sneaking in for a little kiss after the event, but actually I love this better than the one of us grinning straight into the camera!

The clocks changed and we survived the experience, but I'm now going to have to get up a lot earlier and go out a lot later if I want to continue catching the sunrises and the sunsets!

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