My favourite part(s) of photographing your wedding day and why!

This is one of the questions I get asked a lot – what’s my favourite part of the wedding day? And that’s the hardest question to answer because I simply love to immerse myself in it all. So, whilst I can’t commit to just one favourite bit, I thought a top 8 seemed fair. (Edit – even this was hard to pin it down to – there simply isn’t a bit of a wedding day that I don’t enjoy!)

1. Getting ready with the girls in the morning.

As a photographer, you get to join in with all the excitement, nerves and anticipation. The atmosphere and emotion levels in the room are sky high and it’s such a privilege to be invited into that. I love to get involved, and to be there for my nervous / excited brides and their bride squads - that’s how I get the most intimate shots.

2. The first time your Dad sees you

Ok, I appreciate we're not all lucky enough to have our Dad's with us, but whoever it is that's walking you down that aisle - their reaction the first time they see you ready, is a moment I don't want to miss. Like most MOMENTS on a wedding day, you just can't recreate it.

3. The Groom just before the action happens.

Oh, I LOVE a nervous groom face. Even the ones who are cool as cucumbers have that “OMG this is the biggest moment of my life so far” moment, just before the Bride walks down that aisle….and I love to be there with my camera to capture those expressions.

4. The first time you see each other

Again, a totally priceless moment that not many people are privy to bar the photographer and the celebrant / registrar / vicar. It’s a HEAVY moment, emotion wise, there are often tears and I feel every bit of that emotion whilst I work away.

5. The vows

I love listening to your vows and promises made to each other. Every time it’s a good reminder of exactly why I married my lovely husband. It’s beautiful, it’s emotional, it’s happy, it’s exciting and I can’t explain the array of facial expressions I see during the vows. That’s why I do the job I do, so I can remind you of the way you looked at each other as you made those lifelong promises.

6. The couple shots

Time just for you. Well, and me! But I like to let you get a little wrapped up in each other and I’ll just quietly snap away. I do remember when me and my hubby got wed, someone told us to try and find 20 minutes just for us on our wedding day, and that did come during the walk we took with our photographer. I was barely aware of him and just enjoying the moment with my brand new HUSBAND. That’s exactly how I want you to feel. Intimate with each other and totally delighted with your photographs!

7. The speeches

What’s not to love about lots of joyful laughing faces! You never know quite what you’re going to get with a wedding speech do you? Sometimes it’s happy, sometimes sad, sometimes cheeky, sometimes a bit too risqué! Whatever it is, you can guarantee I’ll have sussed out who is going to give the best reactions and I’ll be hiding in a corner snapping those faces on my zoom lens!

(Fave ever speech reveal is bottom right below, where the groom revealed his bride was pregnant during his speech and this is the delighted mother of the bride. Dad was a little slower on the uptake!)

8. The party

By the time we get to the first dance, things are often getting a little bit lively. A few drinks have been had, and suddenly people become a little less camera shy! I love an action shot so will get as involved as I can to get those for you!

I mean, I could go on and on. I'm a massive fan of confetti shots, veil shots, group shots. I adore photographing all the little details that show how much thought and effort has gone into your big day. And I love to snap all the guests’ candid style, having loads of fun. I’m there for it ALL and the main thing you need to know is I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING WEDDINGS!

Of course, it’s coming up to 10 months since I last got to capture so much of this action, but covid weddings are still every bit as joyful and emotional, despite all of the restrictions……and I’m just grateful for the facemasks don’t cover eyes too, as those are the most telling!

So, there you have it, my favourite bits of the day. If that approach sounds like it’s right up your street, and you’d like to chat about your own big day, then I’d love to hear from you. This is me (above!)

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Love, Hannah xx

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