This is Motherhood: Tobyandroo

I photographed the Shearsmith family (aka @Tobyandroo and @tobyandroodad) way before I had the idea for my Motherhood photo blog series. Naturally once I'd had the idea, I contacted Harriet to see if she'd like to take part and she instantly replied to say yes.

Now I'm not just saying this because they're insta-famous, but genuinely this was one of my favourite family shoots EVER, and it's a good excuse to share more of these lovely photos!

Harriet set up Tobyandroo as she recognised that parenting is really bloody hard and wanted to create a community and a safe space for like minded people. Since then she's been blogging and sharing her way through the woes and wins of parenting. Writing lots about feminism, equality and letting children be children.

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love it when people are so open and honest about the highs and lows of parenthood.

We decided to meet in Scarborough as they live in Malton and I'm lucky enough to have in-laws who live over in Scarbs. Harriet's brief was lots of bright and colourful pics, showing them all having fun together. Her wish was my command! We took in the sights of Peaseholme Park, The North Bay (not for long though because it was BALTIC out there, despite actually being April!), and we ended up in the Harbour Bar for giant Sundaes for the kids and caffeine based products for the grown ups. It was gloriously chaotic and it made my day that I got to capture it all.

Obviously I'd spent a bit of time stalking (er I mean casually following) both Harriet and Adam from the moment the booking came through to the day of the shoot, and their online personalities are absolutely true to life. What a fun-loving, affectionate, honest and no-nonsense family they are! They bundled out of the car all warm smiles and northern charm and I happily spent the next couple of hours snapping away and capturing those mischievous personalities.

I'll hand over to Harriet now to chat about her perspective on Motherhood.

What’s the best thing about being a mother?

And the most challenging?

What did you think you knew about being a Mother, before you became one?

What do you know NOW that you’d go back and tell your pregnant self?

How have you changed since becoming a mother?

Has your perception of yourself changed at all?

Has any of it taken you by surprise?

What one piece of advise would you give to an expectant parent?

Last but not least, would you change anything?

I know this is Harriet's blog on Motherhood, but I couldn't finish without a nod to the gorgeously close relationship Adam and Edith share. I think it's fair to say, they absolutely operate as a team, and Adam was able to give up work and take a more hands on approach with Edith. He told me he isn't sure what to do with himself when she starts school full-time, but I have a sneaky suspicion that life for this family will be busy and full of adventure, whatever stage of it they're at.

A huge, heart felt thank you to Harriet & Adam for trusting me with their piccies, I absolutely love seeing my work on their feeds. If you're not following them already, you totally should - @tobyandroo and @tobyandroodad

As a fellow ambitious mummy and small business owner, every single booking means such a lot to me and enables me to do what I love.

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