Wedding photography for the camera shy

Woohoo, YAY! You’re getting married! But wait…. something is niggling away at you. And that’s the idea of being the centre of attention.

You want to have a record of your big day marrying the love of your life, and you know you probably want to have a picture of the two of you to display on the living room wall forever.


Everyone else looks so relaxed and at ease in front of the camera on their wedding day….and yet the thought of having your picture taken, just…. well, brings you out in a bit of a cold sweat! What’s more, you know there’ll be cameras clicking all day long and you just can’t bear the idea of awkward poses. Cringe!

Let me assure you of something right now. You are not alone! Most people feel a bit awkward about having their picture taken, so I’ve put together my top tips for overcoming that camera shyness and getting the most of your wedding photos.

*All pictures used here are ones I've taken of camera shy couples!

1. First things first, really important and often overlooked. Meet your photographer in person and make sure you feel comfortable with them. For me, it’s so important that you feel you can trust the person who is going to be documenting the most important day of your life.

2. Ask prospective photographers how they would approach your big day. If there’s anything that you feel uncomfortable with, say so! As a photographer, I would always rather have happy customers with pictures they want and LOVE, than to stick to my ‘set list’ and disappoint. We rely on customer reviews and word of mouth for our business, so it’s important to us that we get these things right. If you don’t get a good gut feel then, keep looking until you do!

3. Set expectations and boundaries. Every wedding photographer will have their style and method of working through a wedding shoot. But if it’s the thought of the getting ready photographs that fill you with dread, guess what, you don’t HAVE to have those. It’s your day.

4. Communication is key – a few weeks ahead of the wedding, I always send my customers a detailed pre-wedding questionnaire to complete, which includes details from the number of guests present to the group shots you’d ideally like. This is your chance to be honest and let your photographer know about anything you feel is important. Don’t hold back, because we can only work with the information we have.

5. What about posing though? FEAR NOT. Some of the best Bride and Groom pictures I’ve ever taken have been when they were completely lost in their moment and unaware I was even there with the camera. There are lots of occasions during your big day where you’ll naturally be next to your new Mr or Mrs, such as the ceremony, or during the speeches.

6. Getting the mantlepiece picture. I do still usually do a Bride and Groom session, but I’m guided by you as to how long you want to spend on these. If a couple is really camera-averse, then I won’t spend hours on this. I will research the venue first to find the best photo spots, come rain or shine. I then chat with you, while hitting the shutter button to capture some beautiful natural moments. Top tips are to focus on the person you’ve just said “I do” to and try to forget about the lens. Chat to each other, and if you’re really stuck then your photographer will ask you silly questions and tell bad jokes.

7. Have a pre-wedding shoot. This is something I offer as part of my wedding photography packages. If it’s not explicitly offered, you can always chat with your photographer and ask them if it’s possible. I usually do these a month or two before the wedding and I find it helps massively to settle nerves, get to know each other and give feedback on the photos you do or don’t like.

8. Remember, us photographers are only human and have probably had our own bad experiences. My hubby and I were given a photoshoot as part of our honeymoon package at the hotel we stayed in. Let’s just say, there were one too many “action shots” for me. I ripped my new dress in the process, incurred a jellyfish sting to the ankle and we didn’t buy a single picture. Lucky for us though, we returned home to a wedding album we were DELIGHTED with because we’d followed all of the above steps.

You can read some customer reviews on how I’ve put some of my more camera shy customers at ease here.

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