​Woah-hoah, we're half way there now! (365 project: June)

June was all about my number one boy as he turned 5, he also learned to ride his bike on 2 wheels and was just generally awesome. That also means it's 5 whole years since I became a Mum, and I am still 100% winging it. I have MAJOR wobbles all of the time though, which generally involve me thinking I'm not really cut out for parenting....but I'm sitting here looking at that happy little face and realising I must be doing something right.

In fact, I've decided I'm going to start a blog photo project about this. A friend of mine took some pics of me and Ellie, during a week where I was so stressed I felt a bit crazy, and the images show a Mother and daughter with the most precious bond and the most loving relationship. It isn't about being "insta-perfect" and pretending to have an amazing life, it's about acknowledging that sometimes it's just REALLY HARD WORK and we all feel it at times. It's intended to be supportive and real. Anyway, enough of that - watch this space for more info.....or just message me if you'd like to get involved.

This is me on a day where I realised just how lucky I am to have these two...

So what else did June involve.....lots of photos of flowers! All that rain made the flora look amazing, that's one positive! I went to my first ever Bottomless Brunch for my friend Gemma's 40th, and we discovered a fab new play centre on the outskirts of Harrogate - www.worldoftheirown.co.uk where the kids could play dress up and pretend to be Cowboys and Cowgirls, what's not to love?

Despite the weather being VERY hit and miss, mainly miss - we still managed to get outside a lot. I went to Harlow Carr with my friend and fellow photographer, Laura. We couldn't actually get in to Harlow Carr because there was a flower show on and a HUGE queue, so we went into the nearby woods and had a picnic and played with the pockets of lights, taking photos of each other with our youngest daughters.

Ellie became cheekier by the day, favourite things to do are pulling funny faces and making everyone laugh.

June was a transformative month for me - I feel like I'm getting there with this parenting gig.

Over and out - until next month! xx

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